Kaan Tuncel

Clement Chiun joined the IAG Administrative Board in the fall semester of his sophomore year as the Special Initiatives coordinator. He is pursuing concentrations in Finance and Statistics. This past summer, Clement interned as a Corporate Finance/Restructuring Consultant at FTI Consulting. In his free time Clement enjoys playing football and giving back to the school as an orientation leader and club leader.

Director of Operations

Nicola Kwan 



Tanvi Gala  


Vice Chairman

Keshav Sota 

Susan is a senior majoring in Business and Political Economy. She has lived in Tokyo, Vancouver, Shanghai, and Los Angeles. Susan spent her sophomore year in London visiting art galleries and her junior fall in Shanghai eating dumplings. She interned at Barclays in Equity Research covering Internet and video gaming companies her junior summer, and was a Portfolio Team Analyst prior to joining the E-board. She enjoys watching Japanese animation, figure skating, and listening to jazz/metal music.

Director of Marketing 

S.H. Yeo 

Neil is a senior at NYU Stern studying Finance and Economics. He is originally from South Brunswick, NJ.  This past summer, Neil interned at JP Morgan in the Diversified Industries group. His interests include Pittsburgh Steelers, FIFA, Suits, NY Yankees, traveling, basketball, football, taking naps, and food.


Suresh Kannappan

Back in 2013, Vishal was playing basketball, took a shot, and called bank. Now, he interns at a hedge fund. Go figure.  As a junior, Vishal is still trying to figure out life. In the meantime, he runs, reads, and enjoys the city.