Article One: Purpose

The purpose of the Investment Analysis Group (“IAG”) is to provide its members with an opportunity to develop their skills and to gain experience in security analysis and portfolio management.
The Investment Analysis Group is chartered as a club for undergraduate students of the New York University Stern School of Business, and is committed to working with the students and administration of our school.

Article Two: Membership

Section 1: Requirements

Membership shall be open to all matriculated undergraduate students attending New York University who actively participate in IAG. Active participation in club activities is necessary to remain a member.
A list of requirements for membership shall be published and maintained on the IAG website.

Section 2: Rights

Members shall have the right to participate in IAG events and vote in elections. Members shall also be granted recognition of their membership status on the IAG website.

Article 3: Officers

Section 1: Executive Board

The Executive Board of IAG will consist of 4 Directors and 1 Chairman. A majority of the Executive Board members must be undergraduate students in the Stern School of Business.
The Executive Board is charged with governing IAG and is responsible for all of IAG’s programs and functions, with the exception of those responsibilities that are reserved for the Board of Advisors.
The Executive Board will make decisions by majority vote; all 5 votes shall count equally.

Section 2: Administrative Board

The Administrative Board of IAG shall assist the Executive Board with the management of IAG and its programs.
The Administrative Board will consist of as many Vice Presidents and Assistant Vice Presidents as deemed necessary by the Executive Board. The Executive Board may create or remove Vice President and Assistant Vice President positions from the Administrative
Vice Presidents and Assistant Vice Presidents are appointed by the Executive Board. Vice Presidents and Assistant Vice Presidents may be removed from their positions at the discretion of Executive Board.
Members running for a position on the Administrative Board must meet the following criteria:

  • Have been a member of IAG for at least 1 semester

  • Maintain a GPA of at least 3.0

Section 3: Removal of Officers

Directors and the Portfolio Manager may be removed from their positions with just cause as determined by the Board of Advisors.