Portfolio Team

A highly competitive and highly qualified group, the Portfolio Team makes up the core of IAG. Portfolio Team analysts conduct research and generate investment ideas while managing existing positions within IAG’s portfolio. If you're ready to take your IAG experience to another level, consider applying to the Portfolio Team.

Think you found an undervalued stock? The Team would love to hear about it here.



Friday Night Pitches

Every Friday, our Portfolio Team pitches a new potential investment to our general members in hopes of getting their investment idea voted into the portfolio by a majority. Once the club has approved an idea, the team presents their idea to the Board of Advisors for final approval. Not only do members learn about investing and pitching, they also gain valuable insight into the discussions that turn arbitrary financial concepts into applicable, real-world ideas. IAG is an ideal launching pad to perfect both finance and presentation skills.



Wednesday Workshops

To assist in the development of our general members, we host work shops every Wednesday at Common Hour. Head to T-201 for lunch and a workshop from our portfolio managers. Some of the topics we've covered in the past include financial accounting, how to read an annual report,business strategy and industry analysis,financial modeling, and investing philosophies and famous investors. We teach a new topic every week, so join our mailing list here to hear about this week’s topic.



Firm Events

Professionals and alumni often return to IAG to teach about their firms and network with our members. IAG members do well in any role, and we often have professionals come in from investment banking, private equity, equity research, and more. Some firms that IAG has hosted in the past include Goldman Sachs, Point72, Citigroup, Vanguard, Lazard, and more.