Real Money Portfolio Management


Friday Night Meetings

On Friday nights, we get down... to T-200 for IAG's stock pitches. Every week, a small team of students pitch a stock idea to the club in hopes of getting their investment idea voted into the portfolio by the general assembly. Once the club has approved an idea, the team presents their idea to the Oversight Committee for final approval. Not only do members learn about investing and pitching, they also gain valuable insight into the discussions that turn arbitrary financial concepts into applicable, real-world ideas. IAG is an ideal launching pad to perfect both finance and presentation skills.



If you're ready to take your IAG experience to another level, consider the Portfolio Team. Portfolio Team Analysts are a select group of hardworking and passionate students who conduct research and generate investment ideas while managing the existing positions within IAG’s real money portfolio.

Think you found an undervalued stock? The Team would love to hear about it here.


Membership Development

Wednesday Workshops

You've sat through a couple of Friday night pitches, but the presentation seems to fly above your head. Never fear! Clear your common hour schedule on Wednesdays and head to T-200 for IAG's Wednesday Workshops. Some of the topics we've covered in the past: 

  • Financial Accounting
  • How to Read an Annual Report
  • Business Strategy and Industry Analysis 
  • Financial Modeling
  • Investing Philosophies and Famous Investors



Though many IAG programs occur in large group settings, the PODS program provides a more intimate experience and fosters stronger relationships within the club. Those selected for IAG’s mentorship program participate in a variety of professional and social events designed to connect younger members with officers and alumni. Past PODS events have included:

  • Touch football in East River Park
  • One-on-one resume review sessions
  • Laser tag
  • Career day: introduction to a diverse set of careers within the business world


Tuesday Forums

Every Tuesday, general members have the opportunity to present investing ideas to a smaller audience and workshop their pitch with IAG Portfolio Team members. If you are interested in company analysis and investing, we encourage active learning by developing your own ideas. Once you have developed an idea, IAG officers can help hone your research process and analysis.


Community Outreach

Outreach program 

IAG's commitment to make an impact does not end with our own members but extends to the broader NYC community. That's why we volunteer our time to teach an introduction to finance course to local high school students at Stuyvesant High School. 

If you are interested in a partnership, we would love to hear from you

Relay for Life

Throughout the school year, we join the NYU community and broader global community in supporting Relay for Life. As a team, we raise money and awareness culminating with an all-night Relay at the end of spring semester. In the past, we have offered members a chance to pie an Executive Board leader – this is a chance you do not want to pass up.