The Premier investment club at the Stern School of Business since 1995.

Originally conceived as the Dow Jones Surfers in 1995 and launched as the Market Surfers in 1996, the Investment Analysis Group has grown to be one of the premier students organizations at New York University and one of the top student investment clubs in the nation through the extraordinary talent of its members and the unique resources the Stern School of Business and New York City provide.

In a post financial crisis world, the resources that IAG provides its members have never been more important. Weekly workshops and a membership development program for new members allow students to build their skills while weekly stock pitches provide a space for those skills to be tested.

IAG is designed to mimic a buy-side investment management firm; the club manages NYU's only undergraduate real money investment portfolio. Through all aspects of our organization we take pride in the professionalism of our operations and how the knowledge and experience our members gain shapes their future success in the financial industry and the global economy.


Our History

IAG was founded by Justin Pollack in 1995 and in 21 years has transformed into the powerhouse investment club of Stern...

Investing in students, stocks, and the Stern community for 21 years...

"I was sitting at the Investment Analysis Group meeting, and I couldn't help but think about how far this club has gone.
Really, how many clubs draw over 100 people to every meeting? Have radio shows? Stock market games? Visitors from around the country?
How many clubs are personally monitored by the Dean? There are other clubs that write advertisements based on our club. One sign said, "For those who think there are better things to do on Fridays than beat the S & P..."
It wasn't always quite this way. I have been a part of this club for four years, first as a member, then Webmaster, then External Vice President. In lieu of an official IAG history write-up, I will share my story with all of you and hope that the club can continue for decades to come."


Those words were written by IAG officer Sreesha Vaman in January 2001, as a preface to his extensive written history of IAG's first 6 years.


Within the last year, our fund's AUM has increased by almost $10,000 through the support of our IAG alumni and mentors. Membership has increased into the triple digits year-round.